Our Mission

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Green Baskit is Nigeria’s #1 Healthy Snacks and Local Nigerian Snacks Company.

Green Baskit is Nigeria’s number one brand, for the production and distribution of healthy snacks and local Nigerian snacks; ranging from Nostalgic Hausa snacks like Kilishi, Donkwa, Kulili, Sesame Seeds Brittle, Coconut Candy, and many others. We’re also one of Nigeria’s top companies for the production and distribution of dried fruits including our very own Dried Agbalumo Chips, African Pear (Ube) Chips, Date fruits chips, and many others.

Our Story

Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of healthy organic foods. Yet due to geographical locations, preparation hygiene, cultural biases, or just the lack of knowledge of these foods, many miss out on the opportunity of having 95% of this goodness. At Green Baskit, we beat the odds and make it a bid to deliver local Nigerian snacks that are not only healthy but affordable and acceptable.

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Our Baskits

All our ingredients are locally and naturally sourced, that is, our products are 100% void of artificial food additives.

More Than Just Green

Who said healthy snacks don’t taste great???

Of course, “snacking healthy” shouldn’t mean “snacking boring” or compromise on good taste and enjoyment. Harnessing the gift of Mother Nature, our good hands will stop at nothing to ensure creativity that keeps the taste buds wanting more, while affording consumers value that improves health and wellness.

So Much Affordable Health

We place so much value on health and believe living healthy shouldn’t cost the earth. As such, our products are very affordable with no diminishing effect on quality. What better way is it to snack than to snack right and pocket-friendly.


We deliver to any location within Lagos with no charges on delivery.

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