What does "Baskit" mean?

A baskit is a box containing a fine combination of healthy local snacks.

Can I choose the items that go into my Baskit?

For every new delivery, our subscription baskits come with a new and more exciting well-tailored snacks to suit your preference, taste and lifestyle.  However, if you prefer to choose your own baskits, feel free to contact us at support@greenbaskit.com, and we would see how best to help you achieve this.

Do you ship to offices?

Absolutely!. We can help you “Make wellness work for your workplace”. You can contact us on support@greenbaskit.com to find out more.

What should I expect in my Baskit?

Our baskits are loaded with an exciting variety of crunchy, tasty, nutritious local snacks.  Our products are portable and well packaged, so you can enjoy them even when you are on the go.

Can I order a Baskit as a gift for someone?

Sure you can. Our baskits make wonderful gifts and come gift wrapped with a message card. On the other hand, if you would like a personalized card, please email the message to support@greenbaskit.com

How often can my Subscription be delivered to me?

It depends on how often you would like it to be delivered. While we operate basically on a monthly subscription service, which offers an exciting discount on each baskit, you can choose to have your baskits delivered twice weekly, weekly or fortnightly.

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