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We have some exciting options you can choose from.


Fill your baskit with your favourites and get them delivered to your doorstep. Better yet, snack attack a loved one with a gift baskit!

Grab and Go

Grab our nutrition baskits, specially curated by our nutritionist. Like to have something more customized for you? Tell us and we’ll fix it.

Groups & Teams

We have a wide variety of snacks to inspire your teams. Let’s make your events extra special. What ever the event, budget, or size.

Savana Mix

Our snacks are ‘Tasted’ and Trusted!

At Green Baskit we place so much value on health and believe living healthy shouldn’t cost the earth.

All Natural

Our tasty ingredients are all natural and free from artificial flavouring and colouring.


Moderation is part of eating healthy. Great for snacking on-the-go while ensuring things don’t get out of control.

Always new snacks to try

We’re on a never-ending hunt to help you taste and enjoy Africa. We’re constantly creating and reinventing most of our African foods.

Baskiteer's All-time Favourites

Our happy Baskiteers

Why you should snack with Green Baskit.

  • Save Time
    No trips to stores or searching online
  • Save Money
    High Quality & Affordable products
  • Eat Healthier
    Tasty wholesome snacks. No junks

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