Everything You Should Know About Nigerian Sesame Brittle

Everything You Should Know About Nigerian Sesame Brittle

Have you ever tasted Sesame Brittle?

Chances are, yes, and if you’re from Nigeria, we can bet that you first had it as a kid. We all enjoyed this our favorite childhood snack back then. But there is more to what everyone thinks about this Sesame Brittle candy. Yes, they are crunchy, delicious, nostalgic, and all. There are some things we still don’t know about this snack sha.. Let’s do it like this: First, what is Sesame Brittle?

What is Sesame Brittle?

Sesame brittle is a crunchy, sweet snack made with sesame seeds that are quite popular in African cultures. It’s a traditional popular snack in Nigeria, especially in the North: and it has a unique taste and flavour. From the use of roasted sesame, dates extract, sugar (sometimes), and other spices that make up this crunchy delicacy, it’s a sure treat that will sparkles tastebuds in most Nigerian homes. Because of our love for this sweet treat, Sesame Brittle has a special place in our hearts, just as other delicious snacks have done over the years. But wait, where did Sesame Brittle even come from?

Origin And History of Sesame Brittle In Nigeria

  We’re still arguing if Sesame Brittle originated from Nigeria or not, even though by love at first taste, we can’t just get enough of it. Sesame seeds probably came from East Africa, and the ancient Egyptians used them as a food source. Today, we still think sesame to have mystical properties, like in the popular saying “Open Sesame!” from “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” Sesame brittle is a special snack that some people don’t normally associate with Nigeria. If someone stops you on the road and tells you that one of the most popular Nigerian snacks is sesame brittle, the way you would give them an inquisitive stare ehnn.. However, sesame brittle is actually a relatively traditional snack in Nigeria.

Where is sesame found in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, 26 of the 36 states grow sesame, the largest producers being Jigawa and Benue. Marketed in a variety of forms, from seeds to oil, Nigeria produces a significant amount of sesame each year.

What is Sesame Brittle Called In Nigeria?

Does the candy we call “Sesame Brittle” in Nigeria have another name in Nigerian language? Well, yes. Different tribes have special names they call this snack, but let’s look at what the major three tribes in Nigeria call Sesame Brittle. The botanical name for Sesame is Benniseed: but in Nigeria, Sesame Brittle is often called ‘Ridi’ in Hausa, ‘Ekuku’ in Igbo, and ‘Isasa’ in Yoruba. Sometimes we always wonder how people describe Sesame Brittle to someone who has never seen one before. It’s not quite chocolate. It’s not quite biscuit. It’s not even car oil (even though it’s crispy and looks like it has been broiled). Well, maybe we should first ask people their tribes first, and call it in their language. Abi?  

What Does Sesame Brittle Taste Like?

When you eat Sesame Brittle, it’s like having a crunchy candy but only that this candy is healthy and good for your health. It’s sweet and crunchy. The flavor of Sesame Brittle is very much like the taste of real sesame seeds, only stronger. So, if you’ve eaten and liked real sesame seeds, you will most probably like sesame brittle.  

Health Benefits of Sesame Brittle?

As a rule of thumb, sesame brittle is eaten as a dessert or snack. The taste is interesting enough that many people keep eating long after they’re full. I think this makes sesame brittle dangerous: once you’ve started eating it, it’s hard to stop. So, you ask; what does Sesame brittle do to your body when you eat it? According to Healthline, sesame seeds have a big nutritional benefit when you eat enough of them, about a handful a day. Here are the major benefits of eating Sesame Brittle:
  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure: Sesame seeds can help you get more of three kinds of fat in your diet. These fats will help you get more of “good” cholesterol (HDL) and less of “bad” cholesterol (LDL). You then get fewer heart attacks, strokes, and other bad things that happen to your heart.In short sentence, Sesame Brittles are good for you. They can help to lower your cholesterol. You should eat them instead of other junk snacks if you’re watching your blood pressure.
  • Helps you maintain regular bowel movements: Sesame Brittles help you poop better. They have fiber in them, which pulls water into your poop, and helps it pass more easily. Sesame seeds also have a lot of healthy ingredients, so a person can eat a lot of them without getting too many calories. Fiber also helps to digest your food and gives you more energy and makes you feel full.
  • Excellent Source of Plant Protein: Sesame Brittles are good for you. They have high plant protein and other things that make your body strong and healthy which keeps you from getting hungry quickly, and makes it easier to lose weight and keep your sugar level under control.
  • Supports Your Immune System: Sesame Brittles have important nutrients like zinc and vitamins that help your body fight off bad germs and infections. These nutrients help your immune system work properly, and zinc helps the immune system work even better. If you don’t have enough zinc then your body can’t make white blood cells to fight germs and diseases.
  • Supports Healthy Bones: A pack of Sesame Brittles provides about 30% of daily calcium requirements. Who knew? It’s time to stop hammering your bones with calcium supplements and start eating more Sesame Brittles.

How Is Sesame Brittle Prepared?

How does someone go about preparing traditional Nigerian sesame brittle? There are many aspects of preparing this treat though. One, the sesame seed mix must be cooked thoroughly. Two, the syrup must be thickened appropriately to allow for easy manipulation once the candy is molded. Three, frying or dehydrating the brittle gives it that desired texture and taste. Due to health concerns, we don’t really encourage frying with anyhow oil. There are still healthier ways you can make the Sesame stick together without frying, like using a dehydrator. But here are mostly the ingredients you will need:

Ingredients of Sesame Seed Brittle

  • 2 teaspoon dates extract
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • salt (as required)
  • 1 cup honey
  • 2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • water

How to make the Sesame Brittles

First Step: Place the sesame seeds in a bowl and wash them under warm water. After they’ve soaked for a few seconds, rub them gently between your hands like you’re washing off all their sins.   Step 2: Dry the sesame seeds in an oven set on low heat for 15 minutes. For those who don’t have a food dehydrator, brush a baking sheet with oil then preheat the oven to 150 degrees F. Spread the sesame seeds on the sheet and cook for 15 minutes. Third Step: Heat the honey and dates extract in a pot and start adding the sesame seeds while constantly stirring it for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the mixture has completely melted, you can add baking soda to it, if you prefer, to make it stick more. Finally: Place your sesame candy on a wire rack or baking sheet and allow it to dry. Once the candy has cooled, you can eat it. And a note to mindful eaters though: Sesame Brittle is a great way to substitute your current junk snack of choice for a healthier one without noticing the difference.

How do I store Sesame Brittles and how long does it last?

Once you are done making Sesame brittle, the next issue is how to store it properly for long. Since Sesame brittle is just candy, people forget it needs to be stored properly. Not unlike other things in life, you can’t just leave it on the coffee table and expect for it to last forever. It is important to store your Sesame brittle in an airtight container. This will protect it from moisture, which may make it sticky. The obvious thing is- Store your Sesame Brittle in a cool and dry place. The not so obvious- Don’t store it in a really humid environment, such as the bathroom or kitchen. You get?

What can I eat with Sesame Brittles?

Sesame brittle (or any Nigerian snack) can be eaten alone. It’s that tasty! However, there are many other snacks you can eat with your sesame brittle, if that’s your thing. Here are ways to spice up your sesame brittle:
  • Salads
You can break parts of the Sesame Brittle and sprinkle on salads; if you like, you can even add them to salad dressing for a nutritional boost adding no flavor.
  • Spread them with peanut butter and banana for a quick and easy breakfast
  • Use it to top off your favourite Simple Pasta dish
There you have it, you can always add to the lists sha.

Calories and Serving size for Donkwa

If you’re on a strict diet, as with every other meal, we always advise that you apply moderation when eating Sesame Brittle.  And also, if you’re allergic to Sesame seeds, you may need to avoid it completely. If you’re eating Sesame Brittles, we advise eating only eat 2-5 pieces per serving. If you’re eating Green Baskit Sesame Brittle made from organic dates extract, the number of balls may go up to about 6 pieces per serving. Depending on the recipe and additional ingredients or spices, each serving would provide between.

Nutritional Information about Sesame Brittle

Here’s a breakdown of some nutritional values you enjoy when you eat Sesame Brittle:
  • Protein amount: 4.5%
  • Healthy fats: 7%
  • Fibre: 4%
  • Carbohydrate: 1%
  • Calories: 58 calories

Where to buy Sesame in Lagos/Nigeria?

Buy from Green Baskit. We are Nigeria’s No.1 Most Healthy Snack store online and your go-to brand if you really want to eat clean, healthy and delicious Sesame Brittles in Lagos and Nigeria. We sell Sesame Brittle in wholesales too. We recommend our wholesale prices for individuals hosting or organizing events and ceremonies, for offices, and finally to the real wholesalers who buy and sell Sesame in bulk.   For reading up to this point, you deserve to treat yourself good with our crunchy, delicious and healthy Sessame Brittle sticks. We have carefully processed our Sesame Brittle to make sure it’s fresh and even more delicious to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. Place an order now to sparkle your tastebuds!
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