Everything You Should Know About Nigerian Sesame Brittle

Everything You Should Know About Nigerian Sesame Brittle

Have you ever tasted Sesame Brittle?

Chances are, yes, and if you’re from Nigeria, we can bet that you first had it as a kid. We all enjoyed this our favorite childhood snack back then. But there is more to what everyone thinks about this Sesame Brittle candy. Yes, they are crunchy, delicious, nostalgic, and all. There are some things we still don’t know about this snack sha.. Let’s do it like this: First, what is Sesame Brittle?

What is Sesame Brittle?

Sesame brittle is a crunchy, sweet snack made with sesame seeds that are quite popular in African cultures. It’s a traditional popular snack in Nigeria, especially in the North: and it has a unique taste and flavour. From the use of roasted sesame, dates extract, sugar (sometimes), and other spices that make up this crunchy delicacy, it’s a sure treat that will sparkles tastebuds in most Nigerian homes. Because of our love for this sweet treat, Sesame Brittle has a special place in our hearts, just as other delicious snacks have done over the years. But wait, where did Sesame Brittle even come from?

Origin And History of Sesame Brittle In Nigeria

  We’re still arguing if Sesame Brittle originated from Nigeria or not, even though by love at first taste, we can’t just get enough of it. Sesame seeds probably came from East Africa, and the ancient Egyptians used them as a food source. Today, we still think sesame to have mystical properties, like in the popular saying “Open Sesame!” from “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” Sesame brittle is a special snack that some people don’t normally associate with Nigeria. If someone stops you on the road and tells you that one of the most popular Nigerian snacks is sesame brittle, the way you would give them an inquisitive stare ehnn.. However, sesame brittle is actually a relatively traditional snack in Nigeria.

Where is sesame found in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, 26 of the 36 states grow sesame, the largest producers being Jigawa and Benue. Marketed in a variety of forms, from seeds to oil, Nigeria produces a significant amount of sesame each year.

What is Sesame Brittle Called In Nigeria?

Does the candy we call “Sesame Brittle” in Nigeria have another name in Nigerian language? Well, yes. Different tribes have special names they call this snack, but let’s look at what the major three tribes in Nigeria call Sesame Brittle. The botanical name for Sesame is Benniseed: but in Nigeria, Sesame Brittle is often called ‘Ridi’ in Hausa, ‘Ekuku’ in Igbo, and ‘Isasa’ in Yoruba. Sometimes we always wonder how people describe Sesame Brittle to someone who has never seen one before. It’s not quite chocolate. It’s not quite biscuit. It’s not even car oil (even though it’s crispy and looks like it has been broiled). Well, maybe we should first ask people their tribes first, and call it in their language. Abi?  

What Does Sesame Brittle Taste Like?

When you eat Sesame Brittle, it’s like having a crunchy candy but only that this candy is healthy and good for your health. It’s sweet and crunchy. The flavor of Sesame Brittle is very much like the taste of real sesame seeds, only stronger. So, if you’ve eaten and liked real sesame seeds, you will most probably like sesame brittle.  

Health Benefits of Sesame Brittle?

As a rule of thumb, sesame brittle is eaten as a dessert or snack. The taste is interesting enough that many people keep eating long after they’re full. I think this makes sesame brittle dangerous: once you’ve started eating it, it’s hard to stop. So, you ask; what does Sesame brittle do to your body when you eat it? According to Healthline, sesame seeds have a big nutritional benefit when you eat enough of them, about a handful a day. Here are the major benefits of eating Sesame Brittle:
  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure: Sesame seeds can help you get more of three kinds of fat in your diet. These fats will help you get more of “good” cholesterol (HDL) and less of “bad” cholesterol (LDL). You then get fewer heart attacks, strokes, and other bad things that happen to your heart.In short sentence, Sesame Brittles are good for you. They can help to lower your cholesterol. You should eat them instead of other junk snacks if you’re watching your blood pressure.
  • Helps you maintain regular bowel movements: Sesame Brittles help you poop better. They have fiber in them, which pulls water into your poop, and helps it pass more easily. Sesame seeds also have a lot of healthy ingredients, so a person can eat a lot of them without getting too many calories. Fiber also helps to digest your food and gives you more energy and makes you feel full.
  • Excellent Source of Plant Protein: Sesame Brittles are good for you. They have high plant protein and other things that make your body strong and healthy which keeps you from getting hungry quickly, and makes it easier to lose weight and keep your sugar level under control.
  • Supports Your Immune System: Sesame Brittles have important nutrients like zinc and vitamins that help your body fight off bad germs and infections. These nutrients help your immune system work properly, and zinc helps the immune system work even better. If you don’t have enough zinc then your body can’t make white blood cells to fight germs and diseases.
  • Supports Healthy Bones: A pack of Sesame Brittles provides about 30% of daily calcium requirements. Who knew? It’s time to stop hammering your bones with calcium supplements and start eating more Sesame Brittles.

How Is Sesame Brittle Prepared?

How does someone go about preparing traditional Nigerian sesame brittle? There are many aspects of preparing this treat though. One, the sesame seed mix must be cooked thoroughly. Two, the syrup must be thickened appropriately to allow for easy manipulation once the candy is molded. Three, frying or dehydrating the brittle gives it that desired texture and taste. Due to health concerns, we don’t really encourage frying with anyhow oil. There are still healthier ways you can make the Sesame stick together without frying, like using a dehydrator. But here are mostly the ingredients you will need:

Ingredients of Sesame Seed Brittle

  • 2 teaspoon dates extract
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon sesame seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • salt (as required)
  • 1 cup honey
  • 2 teaspoon nutmeg
  • water

How to make the Sesame Brittles

First Step: Place the sesame seeds in a bowl and wash them under warm water. After they’ve soaked for a few seconds, rub them gently between your hands like you’re washing off all their sins.   Step 2: Dry the sesame seeds in an oven set on low heat for 15 minutes. For those who don’t have a food dehydrator, brush a baking sheet with oil then preheat the oven to 150 degrees F. Spread the sesame seeds on the sheet and cook for 15 minutes. Third Step: Heat the honey and dates extract in a pot and start adding the sesame seeds while constantly stirring it for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the mixture has completely melted, you can add baking soda to it, if you prefer, to make it stick more. Finally: Place your sesame candy on a wire rack or baking sheet and allow it to dry. Once the candy has cooled, you can eat it. And a note to mindful eaters though: Sesame Brittle is a great way to substitute your current junk snack of choice for a healthier one without noticing the difference.

How do I store Sesame Brittles and how long does it last?

Once you are done making Sesame brittle, the next issue is how to store it properly for long. Since Sesame brittle is just candy, people forget it needs to be stored properly. Not unlike other things in life, you can’t just leave it on the coffee table and expect for it to last forever. It is important to store your Sesame brittle in an airtight container. This will protect it from moisture, which may make it sticky. The obvious thing is- Store your Sesame Brittle in a cool and dry place. The not so obvious- Don’t store it in a really humid environment, such as the bathroom or kitchen. You get?

What can I eat with Sesame Brittles?

Sesame brittle (or any Nigerian snack) can be eaten alone. It’s that tasty! However, there are many other snacks you can eat with your sesame brittle, if that’s your thing. Here are ways to spice up your sesame brittle:
  • Salads
You can break parts of the Sesame Brittle and sprinkle on salads; if you like, you can even add them to salad dressing for a nutritional boost adding no flavor.
  • Spread them with peanut butter and banana for a quick and easy breakfast
  • Use it to top off your favourite Simple Pasta dish
There you have it, you can always add to the lists sha.

Calories and Serving size for Donkwa

If you’re on a strict diet, as with every other meal, we always advise that you apply moderation when eating Sesame Brittle.  And also, if you’re allergic to Sesame seeds, you may need to avoid it completely. If you’re eating Sesame Brittles, we advise eating only eat 2-5 pieces per serving. If you’re eating Green Baskit Sesame Brittle made from organic dates extract, the number of balls may go up to about 6 pieces per serving. Depending on the recipe and additional ingredients or spices, each serving would provide between.

Nutritional Information about Sesame Brittle

Here’s a breakdown of some nutritional values you enjoy when you eat Sesame Brittle:
  • Protein amount: 4.5%
  • Healthy fats: 7%
  • Fibre: 4%
  • Carbohydrate: 1%
  • Calories: 58 calories

Where to buy Sesame in Lagos/Nigeria?

Buy from Green Baskit. We are Nigeria’s No.1 Most Healthy Snack store online and your go-to brand if you really want to eat clean, healthy and delicious Sesame Brittles in Lagos and Nigeria. We sell Sesame Brittle in wholesales too. We recommend our wholesale prices for individuals hosting or organizing events and ceremonies, for offices, and finally to the real wholesalers who buy and sell Sesame in bulk.   For reading up to this point, you deserve to treat yourself good with our crunchy, delicious and healthy Sessame Brittle sticks. We have carefully processed our Sesame Brittle to make sure it’s fresh and even more delicious to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. Place an order now to sparkle your tastebuds!

Goron tula fruits, syrup, & powders – health benefits & uses

Have you heard of Goron Tula? Also known as Snot Apple, are you wondering what is Goron Tula for? Are you aware of the health benefits of this miracle fruit’ Are you even wondering what Goron Tula is all about’ Don’t worry, you are not alone!

But at least you found this article; now you can learn everything there is to know about it!

You may be thinking about the English name of Goron Tula – Snot Apple… does it look like an apple, taste like an apple, smell like an apple? No. It doesn’t. Goron Tula sure doesn’t look or smell like it should be called an apple.

That said, this odd-shaped fruit contains some remarkable sexual health benefits that could change your life for the better. Hope you’re relaxed for this one. Ready? Let’s dive right in.

What Is Goron Tula?

The Goron Tula or Snot Apple, also known as African Chewing Gum, is a fruit which looks like Kola nut that is indigenous to western Africa, especially Nigeria. It’s a sweet and chewy nut; the fruit is often eaten raw by itself or can also be enjoyed in the powdered form and used in recipes for jam, jelly, juice, sauce, etc.

Where Did Goron Tula Originate From?

Goron Tula was eaten by the Tula Community of Gombe State for many years as a traditional snack, so it’s widely believed it originated from the Tula people in Gombe state of  Nigeria.

Goron Tula’s name comes from the Tula people, a group which lives in the highlands and has a rich, unique agricultural land.

The Goron Tula tree was believed by the Tula people to contain some medicinal values like reducing high blood pressure and improving sexual appetite and performance for men and women. But the remarkable characteristic of this tree is that, when it is planted elsewhere, it will not bear fruits.

In early times, the fruit was used medicinally and was highly appreciated among the locals for its health-giving properties. Tula has been used as a cure for everything from headaches to sexual performance and many other ailments.

Even though it was discovered that the fruit has medicinal value, this fact did not become greatly known until recently.

Today, people are surprisingly demanding for Goron Tula from different parts of Africa, and even foreigners  from European, and Asian countries.

Common names of Goron Tula

1. African chewing gum 2. Miracle Fruit 3. Snot Apple (English) 4. Morojwa (Botswana) 5. Thespesia garckeana (Binomial name) 6. Nkole (Sri Lanka) 7. Azanza Garckeana 8. Silky Kola

What is Goron Tula Used For?

Goron Tula is mostly used to improve sexual health and wellness. Commonly also used for centuries to treat colds, coughs, sore throats and fevers.

Ladies and gentlemen, if your hormones are out of whack and you want to get your groove back, Goron Tula does it. It’s delicious and will help restore your body’s natural testosterone production, balance women’s hormone levels, regulate menstruation cycle and end all those pesky problems that can make a woman feel less than her best.

It is generally understood that Goron Tula can be used in cases of asthma and general bronchial ailments.

How Do You Eat Goron Tula Fruit?

For most people, attempting to swallow a whole Goron tula fruit is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. This fruit is large and it is not easily swallowed.

Goron Tula can be eaten uncooked, it’s safe for eating across all ages. You can eat or chew the raw flesh of the fruit after extracting the seed.

Once you chew the soft part of the Goron tula fruit, you can then remove the seed that is also found within. Most people try to chew this as they attempt to swallow it whole.

Better still, scrape the outside of the Goron Tula, and boil it for half an hour. When it’s cooked, peel off the outside and you can eat the inside. Shikina.

Using Goron Tula Powder

If you don’t want to eat the raw fruit of Goron Tula, you can take the powder form without losing the health benefits. Freshly ground powdered form can be added to food as an additive or supplement.

For men , powdered Goron tula can be added into a warm water and consumed. For women, the powder can  be added into cold water and consumed immediately.

When added into cold or warm water, Goron Tula Powder will dissolve and become drinkable.

Using Goron tula powder helps to increase the libido and drive strong desires for sexual intercourse and also helps in  getting rid of bad odour coming from the vagina as it serves as a vagina cleanser, helping to clean it.

How to use Goron Tula Powder

Take 1-3 teaspoons of Goron Tula powder and add to warm water daily as needed until you start seeing desired results.

You can add the Goron Tula powder with tea, yogurt , fruit juice, custard milk, smoothies or cereal. But it’s even better to take it alone with water.

Health Benefits of Goron Tula

1. Fertilty

Sometimes it’s tough to get pregnant and carry a baby through nine months of pregnancy. But there are plenty of ways that the fertility of a couple can be affected positively.

Long gone are the days when we had to sit back and just leave everything to chance. Now with the knowledge of powerful fruits like Goron Tula, there is high hopes of getting pregnant.

Scientific studies reveal that Goron Tula is an effective option for couples struggling to conceive. As the popularity of this ‘miracle fruit’ increases, the demand also rises and this  leads to fewer people depending on drugs for conceiving.

2.  Increased Sex Drive

Due to stress, burnouts, and other health conditions, spouses may not be at their best sexual performance sometimes, which can lead to dissatisfied experience in one of the partners.

Eating Goron Tula fruit or Powder increases your sexual drive or libido. This fruit helps you in developing strong desires for sexual intercourse and also gives you energy for several rounds of having sex with your partner.

3. Vaginal Odour Cleanser

Goron tula is a natural vaginal wash and works perfectly to clean any infection before or after your monthly flow. It’s very effective and has none of the harsh chemicals found in soap and other medicated cleansers.

Used by women to clean the vagina, reduce bad odour and treat infections, Goron tula fruits are naturally healthy for women’s reproductive system.

Once you chew the fruit or drink the juice,  the antioxidants in the fruit are able to get to the vagina or infected area and cleanse it properly, but it may take hours or days for the full effect to be noticed because of the digestion process.

You can also add it to hot water and allow the steam to penetrate the vagina or douche on it, burn the chaff after chewing it and douche on the smoke.  The vagina cleansing effect happens while that process is on.

4. Wets the Vagina

If you’re looking for the best way to deal with vaginal dryness, Goron Tula fruit is an all-natural solution which doesn’t cause irritation. it is perfect for keeping the vagina area moist and wet down there.

5. Cures Infections

Goron Tula is not just the fruit for sexual wellness. It’s also known for its antibacterial and antifungal benefits.

This amazing fruit has been used traditionally in many African and Asian countries as a treatment for fungal infections within the body.

One of the ingredients in Goron Tula fruit is saponins, which exhibit antimicrobial properties that provide protection against fungi, bacteria, and major viruses in the body. This is one of the rare benefits many people are yet to discover about Goron Tula.

6. Reduces High Blood Pressure

If you’re looking for an effective solution to reduce high blood pressure, Goron Tula fruit and powder mix is a good option. It might just be the natural relief you need.

People who suffer from hypertension, or blood pressure that’s too high, are often prescribed medications that aren’t always very effective. Consuming Goron Tula daily can work in combination with medication, or on its own. It can help lower your blood pressure naturally so you don’t have to resort to medications always.

7. Boosts Your Immune System

Goron Tula contains antioxidants that fight to keep you healthy, both internally and externally. Because of its medicinal properties, Goron Tula can help reduce inflammation and the severity of the common cold, as well as other infections.

In addition to strengthening your immune system, Goron Tula also promotes healthy digestion and is a delicious, organic drink with ingredients you can trust; Tula helps nurture a healthy body and a happy mind.

8. Cleanses Your Body System

Yeah, Goron Tula fruit may look gross , but there’s nothing better looking for your body.

Goron Tula (Snot Apple) is a natural herbal cleanser especially designed to clear away toxins from your body effectively and naturally.

Even if you’re not looking for any of the sexual or healing benefits, you can enjoy this drink as a preventive caution to silent toxins in your body and make your body whole and refreshed.

9. Clears Chest Pains

Goron Tula is a home remedy to cure chest pains. It works by dispersing excess mucus from the lungs and sinuses into the blood-stream, thus, curing chest pains.

Simply consume a spoonful of Goron Tula in a glass of water and within minutes you will feel better.

10. Lowers Sugar Level

Can Goron Tula help diabetics? Yes! Goron Tula could be your answer. It’s a natural alternative for lowering your blood sugar levels and even burning fat for those who want to lose weight.

That’s why Goron Tula is loved by people striving to live healthier lives; with its crunchy texture, which makes it ideal for snacks. It has that beneficial effect in preventing diabetes.

Side Effects of Eating Goron Tula

So, just because Goron Tula is popularly called the “Miracle fruit” doesn’t mean it’s a miracle worker all the time. Sometimes, it can have adverse effect on you, especially when abused or taken overdose.

The Goron Tula fruit or Powder is not for the faint of heart. If you do find yourself brave enough to try it, be prepared to face the bitter side of this amazing fruit. Let’s see some of the side effects Goron Tula has:

1. Early Menstrual Periods

Women who are expecting their period in days could receive an early visitor when they consume an overdose of the fruit. Yes, overdose is eating over 10 fruits or Powder of Goron Tula in one day which triggers an early menstrual period.

One of the things that the anti-oxidants in the fruit does is to clear the system of any impediment. This is the reason it aids fertility.

2. Can Cause Cancer

Yeah. It’s possible, but the chances are low. Even though Goron Tula has anti-cancer properties, it can cause you to get cancer when eaten without moderation.

Although the link between Goron Tula and cancer has not been proven, it is better to reduce the amount of the fruit you eat every day.

3. Allergy Reactions

If you have an allergy to Goron Tula, we recommend that you avoid it. Better still, talk to your doctor about any allergic reactions you’ve had to Goron Tula.

This is because Goron Tula contains a high quantity of polyphenol which is harmless to most people, but it may have an adverse effect on others.

That is why people with medical issues are usually advised to avoid fruits such as Goron Tula.

If you’re allergic to Goron Tula and still consume it, you could experience hives, itching or other allergic reactions.

Where To Get Goron Tula?

Get original Goron Tula fruit or Powder (Snot Apple) from Green Baskit. We’re Nigeria’s No.1 Most Healthy Snack store online and your go-to brand if you really want to experience the clean, healthy and delicious Goron Tula in Lagos and Nigeria generally.

We sell Goron Tula in wholesales too. We recommend our wholesale prices for wholesalers who buy and sell Goron Tula in bulk.

First things first, as a Nigerian brand, our Goron Tula represents “the original” taste. We focus on maintaining the standards our customers have come to love since we started selling healthy delicious Goron Tula.

All of our snacks are sourced locally, and hygienically processed, stored and packaged to delight your taste buds.

How do I store Goron Tula and how long does it last?

Store Goron Tula(Snot Apple) in a cool dry place. Don’t expose it to adverse heat or cold.

The fruit is organic. If you leave it to the open air, it could grow moulds and lose its sweet taste; as a result, it might not be as effective.

Usually, Goron Tula can last as long as you can preserve them without excessive heat or cold.

Remember one of the ways our grandparents used to preserve kola nuts back then? Yeah, they always touch them.

The same way too, you can preserve Goron Tula. Cleaning all the Goron Tula fruits daily with tissue makes it impossible for it to grow moulds. It really needs care for it to be able to care for your body too.

But thanks to technology today, which has made most of our tasks easier, you can easily preserve these precious fruits in the refrigerator, for instance.

Just take the fruits/powder out of the container, wash the fruits and put them back in an air-tight container, cover and put the container in the refrigerator, and your Goron Tula will last as long as there is electricity running.  Shikina!

Common Question on Goron Tula

1. Can A Man Use Goron Tula?

Yes! A man can use Goron Tula nut to treat low erectile malfunctioning caused by excessive blood sugar levels. As men get older their testosterone level drops, that should correlate with decreased activity in the sexual side.

Nothing should be below expectation, and low libido is killing relationships. Now men can enjoy sex drive at any age and last longer in bed. Judge by yourself and start acting now!

2. Does Goron Tula Tighten The Vagina?

Absolutely tight! Goron Tula will make your honey pot tight again without surgery, pain or injections. Because closing the bedroom door to find your husband with another woman is really devastating.

So are all of the women who want to get tight, but are too embarrassed to get help…

Discover how Goron Tula can tighten your honey pot in just one week. Let your man know that you’re back, and more beautiful then ever!

3. Can A Nursing Mother Take Goron Tula?

Yes, please. But it’s advisable to be taken in small quantity. Except there are any medical reasons to avoid eating Goron Tula before or after childbirth, Goron Tula is 100% healthy for nursing mothers.

4. How many Goron Tula Should I Eat Daily?

Well, it depends on your body type. You may chew more or less than 5- 7 per sitting to feel the effect.

If you’re taking the raw fruit, at least 3- 5 fruits per day is enough to give you the desired results. The same with Goron Tula fruit powder: add 3-5 tablespoons of Goron Tula to your warm water, tea, yogurt and any other mix.

Please be careful with overdose. This fruit is very powerful and may cause severe side effects when taken in excess.

5. What Does Goron Tula Taste Like?

It is sweet and chewy, and has this taste like date and honey mixture, if you taste it there is the tendency your tastebuds will come before you. Lol.

It also has this chewy texture hence why it is also called “African Chewing Gum” fruit.

So that’s about everything you should know about Goron Tula and the amazing health benefits it offers to you and loved ones.

Enjoy this special fruit now by ordering right here or send a gift box of this Miracle fruit to someone you know that needs this. It would really be thoughtful of you, you know.

Do you have any questions or contributions? Kindly drop them in the comments.

What is Kilishi (Nigerian Meat Jerky) All About?

The Legendary Kilishi

Ahh!  It’s the always delicious, mouth-watering, legendary kilishi. No matter how much you try to keep your beef-eating portion to the barest minimum, you may never seem to get enough of kilishi. This yummy jerky delight is surely a real blessing from the North. Kilishi goes well with almost any meal that comes to mind – be it rice, noodles, porridge, sauces – you name it; kilishi always complements them deliciously. 

What is Kilishi?

Kilishi is the Hausa name for dried Nigerian beef jerky that is made from cow, goat or sometimes horse meat. It’s just like a dried form of Suya and it’s produced from slabs of meat seasoned with salt, pepper and spices, smoked and dried. It’s sun-dried to preserve it for long-term storage. It is a Nigerian delicacy commonly eaten with pap (akamu), cassava flakes (garri), and other accompaniments.

Origin/History of Nigerian Kilishi

Kilishi is a word that has existed in our Nigerian vocabulary as far back as the days of our great grandparents. Most of us aren’t sure exactly where Kilishi originated from, but stories tell it came during the period of Jihad, when most cattle were moved to different areas for protection.  So creating dried meats became a convenient way to preserve food and not waste everything. Eventually, the recipes developed, and it introduced Kilishi in many parts of Nigeria and we all love it because Kilishi can be a yummy snack, main course or side dish all with different flavours and textures. 

What does Kilishi taste like?

What does Kilishi (Nigerian Meat Jerky) taste like? It’s tough to answer that question without tasting our sample packs in person, but seriously though, what we know is that there are many ways to describe Kilishi–flavorful, savoury, salty, crunchy–but we’re going with the closest description we have found: It tastes like meat.  So basically, it’s chewy, full-flavoured, and best of all, a very healthy snack.

Is Kilishi good for your health?

That moment when your grandma encourages you to eat kilishi so that you don’t fall sick. LOL. Kilishi is a healthy snack with a lot of health benefits. This is because it has 40% of the recommended amount of quality protein intake that’s natural enough for your diet. It also has a good amount of healthy vitamins and minerals that will keep you running smoothly all day long. The dried beef used to make kilishi is at its peak quality, which makes it easy to digest and improves your immunity! It’s a great option if you are looking for a healthy snack to represent the health benefits you get from the rest of your diet. So, ask yourself why do you need to eat fast food when your budget allows for healthy snacks like Kilishi, instead of those convenience store fast food meals? So, here are some of the listed health benefits of Kilishi provides for you: 1. Helps for weight loss Kilishi is a very popular weight-loss snack that’s very helpful for people who want to lose weight fast. First, the product does not increase your insulin level at all, which basically means it does not increase fat storage. And second, it does not cause you to gain any excess belly fat. Eating Kilishi in portion can be the best way to completely lose weight without dieting, exercising and starving yourself. So, if you are looking for how to lose weight, it’s important to know how to use Kilishi and understand what benefits it has for weight loss. Obviously, you cannot expect to lose weight just by snacking on Kilishi. The point is to include Kilishi in between your meals, which is ideal eating if you’re trying to lose weight. 2. It doesn’t give you fats Well, Kilishi doesn’t give you fats. It gives you energy! That’s much we can guarantee, because after you’ve finished 3 weeks of portion eating of our healthy Kilishi, you’ll understand that we stripped away the fat during the preparation and drying process. This leaves kilishi 95% fat-free and wholesome for healthy, wholesome eating. 3. Healthy for the heart and blood vessels Kilishi (Nigerian Meat Jerky) is one of the healthiest heart-friendly snacks in Nigeria. One of the ingredients used in the preparation of Kilishi is garlic. Garlic is very good for your heart. The anti-oxidant properties of Allicin (found in garlic) help to lower cholesterol levels. Kilishi is a dominant source of nutrients. Plus, it’s very easy to digest and improving blood circulation. It’s also a complete meal with protein and fiber content and Vitamin B which helps in the production of collagen that strengthens our immune system and parts of our body when damaged or weakened. 4. Good for Diabetics and low in carbs Kilishi is a keto-friendly Nigerian snack that has no carbs or sugar except for those few times when an “Aboki or Nyarinya””  adds a small amount of sugar. Like, if you want to eat healthier but don’t want to pay more for healthy food, try Kilishi.  

Nutritional facts of Kilishi

Servings: 1 Pkt        Calories 297  Total Fat 4 g          Saturated fat 0 g Polyunsaturated fat 0g   Monounsaturated fat 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg            Sodium 19 mg Potassium 0 mg             Total Carbohydrate 8 g          Sugar 0 g                 Protein 49 g
NOTE: When you are eating Kilishi, it’s important to drink lots of water, and to chew well. It can be hot, so don’t forget to drink juices or something else aside from water as well. It’s also very tasty served with yoghurt, smoothies or fruit shakes.

How do you make Kilishi?

If you want to make your own kilishi at home and don’t know where to start from, here are the ingredients you’ll need to start making your own Nigerian beef jerky (Kilishi): Ingredients:
  • 1 kg of fresh lean beef, thinly sliced
  • 2 Tbsp ground Ginger
  • Cloves (6 whole or ½ Tsp ground)
  • 1 Tbsp ground black pepper
  • Fresh garlic cloves (alternate with ground garlic)
  • 1 Tbsp Onion Powder
  • ½ Tsp Ground African nutmeg (optional)
  • 1 Tbsp Ground Red Pepper (Paprika)
  • 1 Tbsp Ground Chilli pepper
  • 1 Tbsp Suya Spices
  • 1 Tbsp Groundnut powder
  • 2 Seasoning cubes/ ½ Tsp powder
  • A pinch of salt

 Preparation method:

First you must wash your meat, then cut off the bones and wash them again. Take out the fat and discard it. Pour boiling water through a sieve into a pot, add salt and stir until the meat is tender. Then place into your oven or dehydrator machine. If you’re using an oven, make sure it’s pre-heated at 200 – 220°C for about 15-20 minutes. Ensure to flip each side of the meat cuts intermittently for proper drying. While the beef grills in the oven, put all other ingredients that you need for Kilishi (Nigerian Meat Jerky) into a blender or mortar. Grind all the fresh spices together first then combine thoroughly with the dry ones. When the meat is nearly ground up, carefully marinate beef slices by dipping them into the bowl of spices.  Leave to soak for about 30 minutes before returning to the grilling rack/tray. Spread them out properly and grill once more in the oven but for just about 15 minutes this time. Now your Kilishi is ready. It’s time to enjoy it!

What can I eat with Kilishi?

Well, mostly Kilishi is eaten alone as a single snack. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try Kilishi with other meals. You can eat Kilishi with jollof, white or fried rice. If you’re looking for that spicy feeling for your rice, then Kilishi is your best match for the moment. You can also eat Kilishi with cassava flakes (garri). Garri and Kilishi is the first love for most Kilishi lovers. But be careful though, make sure you know the source of your garri and control how much you consume. Finally, you can eat Kilishi with healthy instant shakes, smoothies, parfait and fruit drinks to balance the delicious crunchy delight. And that’s of course after you have taken enough water. Because Kilishi is spicy, you need to prepare for the battle of thirst! Well, there may be other really crazy combos we just haven’t heard of yet. But who can tell, right? Maybe you try your Kilishi with a special dish and let us know how it works out for you.

Where can I get Kilishi?

Get your healthy Kilishi (Nigerian Meat Jerky) from Green Baskit. We are Nigeria’s No.1 Most Healthy Snack store online and your go-to brand if you really want to eat clean, healthy and delicious Kilishi in Lagos and Nigeria generally. We sell Kilishi in wholesales too. We recommend our wholesale prices for individuals hosting or organizing events and ceremonies, for offices, and finally to the real wholesalers who buy and sell Kilishi in bulk.  First things first, as a Nigerian brand, our Kilishi represents “the original” taste. We focus on maintaining the standards our customers have come to love since we started making healthy delicious Kilishi. We use only 100% real beef for our jerky and also ensure that all of our meat is sourced locally, and hygienically processed, stored and packaged to delight your taste buds.

How do I store Kilishi and how long does it last?

Store Kilishi in a cool dry place. Don’t expose it to adverse heat or cold. Because of the dehydrated nature of Kilishi, when storing it, keep it in a completely sealed container to protect it from moisture.  The shelf life for ourKilishi is usually up to 8 months (and above). Kilishi is doing well with the Nigerian market as a yummy snack for people on the go or long-term travelers. We like the fact that Kilishi has no additives, so we all just stick with the seasoning guides included or use our own favorite spice blend to create the dream Kilishi we want. The smell of Kilishi is unlike any meat smell you have ever encountered, and the sweetness is just…there. Can you totally relate or you haven’t even eaten Kilishi yet? Come right in now and place your order for delicious, healthy Kilishi.

How To Develop New Healthy Habits

Building New Healthy Habits

You know you need to create a new healthy habit, but you aren’t sure it can happen. It’s hard to change, right? It gets harder the older we get too, right? Maybe you’ve already tried to eat better, get more exercise or sleep, quit smoking, or reduce stress. It’s not easy. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think? Instead of changing overnight, you can learn to break it up into chunks and take baby steps toward your new goal. Well, today is all about encouraging you to look at creating a new healthy habit differently. Our mission is to make it easier for you to develop a new healthy habit ASAP. Let’s get started!

What is a habit?

It’s something you repeat, often without even knowing it. Some habits are good, some are bad. Most people want to learn at least one good habit or give up a bad one. 

Some Examples of Good Habits 

  • Eating Healthy: This includes fruits and snacks that add nutrients to your body and boosts your health or immune system. A common opposite of this is to eat junk or processed foods just because they are appealing.
  • Exercising: Flexing the muscles once in a while is fantastic for our body and makes our mind active to take on challenges for the day. This doesn’t even need you to go to the gym, because just taking a walk instead of driving from a nearby shop to another can be enough exercise already!
  • Sleeping/resting Enough: Ahh! If it’s Lagos and enjoying the recommended 8 hours of sleep, that’s almost impossible. But sometimes, we too can be hard on ourselves even without knowing. Especially when we intentionally avoid sleeping to continue late-night work or projects.
  • Maintaining relationships: Social connections help our brains stay healthy and happy! We can’t deny the fact we sometimes need people to share time with. Strengthen the relationship you already have and be open to making new friends. It’s healthy fun, anyway!
  • Learning New Skills: New skills help our brain stay healthy and sharp. Have you been interested in any course or handwork but feel lazy to start, remember the golden rule: give to your brain, what you want your brain to produce for you (hope you know the original golden rule ooh. Lol)
  • De-stress: When you’re stressing about things you can’t control or maybe someone wants to frustrate you in any way possible, just make a de-stress call right away! 
  • Relaxation and mindfulness: To be anxious can be very toxic, especially when it becomes part of you. Relax! Just calm down and be in the moment. Your mental health will appreciate you later for this, so much.


How To Avoid Bad Habits

List out what triggers your bad habit. If your goal is to eat less junk food, think about when and where you eat it. Is it when driving? Or you get it at the store nearby work? Probably just after dinner? Write them out and watch them closely to avoid the triggers as much as you can.
So if you buy chocolate from the store nearby at work, see if you can avoid driving past that route. If you smoke when you’re home alone, see if you can hang out more with friends or stroll to a nearby field to enjoy the feel of nature and open space. But don’t stop at that. Bad habits have a powerful pull once you decide to stop them. What should you do?
Replace the bad habit with a good one. So if you can’t avoid the chocolate store at work, order delicious healthy snacks instead from Green Baskit and place them at your desk. Whenever the cravings come for choco, switch to healthy snacking that’s even better delicious. If that’s not comfortable for you, chew sugarless gum instead. 


Developing Good Habits

It’s difficult to change everything at once, but it’s easier to set small goals and achieve them stage by stage. This will help you develop new good habits easier. For instance, it will be easier to do 7-10 pushups a day than to just run a marathon. It might take you several months to create a new habit.  Events trigger many habits. For example, washing your hands is triggered by going to the toilet. It will really help if you set triggers for your new habit as part of your existing routine.  Setting reminders can help you maintain good habits. Set automatic reminders on your computer and your phone. There are also apps available that help with goal setting and new habits. Try them. If you slip back into your old habits, don’t give up – this is common. Just remember why you wanted to make the change. This will help you pick up where you left off.  




The first step to building healthy habits is understanding what habits you want to learn. To do that, you need to define your goals for the new habit. Spend some time exploring what you want and need in your life at this very moment. Knowing this will allow you to move on to the next step — which is creating a plan. 


Once you’ve understood what you want to achieve with this new habit, you’ll need to create a specific plan backed up by realistic actions. Think about the small steps you can take to build a healthy habit and repeat them consistently to achieve your goals.  
  • Here are some examples of specific small actions you can add to your daily routine and eventually they will become habits:  
  1. Meditate in the morning’s rush – starting your day feeling rushed will throw off your mood and may shift your routine. Save some time in the morning for reflection, gratitude, prayer or meditation. This will help to set the tone for a successful day. 
  2. Enjoy a healthy breakfast – Because not everyone has the same appetite in the morning, so you can base your breakfast choices on your body’s needs and a breakfast rich in protein and healthy fats will provide energy and nourishment. 
  3. Drink a full glass of water before leaving the house. 
  4. Get some exercise during your lunch break.
  5. Have a healthy snack in the afternoon–this is usually the time of day when many people at work begin to “crash,” so being prepared with a healthy snack to boost energy levels will help to reduce cravings. 
  6. Prepare your own dinner – cooking meals at home more often will help to reduce calorie intake and give you control of how to fuel your body. 
  7. Choose a time for exercise and be ready – exercising at the same time every day will help make the action automatic. 
  8. Read before bed–this also can help your body unwind in the evening and support restful sleep at night. 


When you repeat the same healthy habits over time, your brain will naturally accept the behaviour and it becomes a habit you form in your subconscious. For example, if you drink a glass of water before eating breakfast every day, you’re likely going to be repeating this behaviour even without knowing. What this means is when you do this pre-breakfast activity consistently, your brain automatically prepares for it rather than relying on a decision to do it. 


We can expect setbacks any time we are trying to achieve a goal. There will be days when you don’t follow your plan perfectly or don’t just feel like it and then skip a process or two or maybe even give in to the junk food cravings, and so on.  But of course, the longer you stay away without performing the healthy habits, the harder it will be to come out of the setback. So, it’s okay to have days here and there that aren’t as planned but get back on track ASAP to keep the habit going.  


All work and no play makes healthy habits hard to keep. You want to work hard to stay healthy, no doubt. But you equally need some resting period too. Devote some time every week to relax and reflect. This could involve taking a yoga class, reading a book on the couch, or simply resting. Use it as a time to restore your body and mind for another week of wellness. 

Remember Your Tools

While you’re about to get started already on this journey, remember to use the tools we’ve shared to help yourself create a healthy habit:
  1. Decide on a goal.
  2. Plan when and where you will start
  3. Choose a simple action you can take every day.
  4. Congratulate yourself when you actually take the steps
  5. It gets easier with time, and within 10 weeks you should “be doing well” at it without even thinking.


Minor changes we make to our daily routine can make a big difference in how we feel about ourselves. Try the 5 steps above to integrate some healthy habits. You may notice that you’re not just developing good habits, but you’re also deleting bad ones. Stay consistent and before you know it, your days will be brighter and you will achieve your goals.   Good luck with the work!   


Please let us know if this article helps you achieve your new habit goals. If you have any other helpful tips or tricks that have worked for you before, kindly share them with us in the comments. We would love to hear from you. Thank you!  

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Top 5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Your Kids

Sometimes, trying to get your kids out of bed every morning can be a challenge, especially when they love sleeping a lot. But trying to get them to eat breakfast and prepare for school or the day is another work routine parents have to deal with.  And almost whenever you try to get them to eat something before school, it becomes another challenge because you have to prepare something quickly that will still taste good. Well, we’ve got you covered on this Mom. Ensure your kids enjoy their most important meal of the day with these easy and delicious breakfast ideas that will save your time and workload during those rush-hour mornings.

1. Yam and Egg Sauce

Egg sauce and boiled yam is one of the major breakfast in Nigeria or better still, weekend breakfast. This energetic meal can be eaten not only as breakfast – but can also be eaten at any time of the day. Egg sauce is a very simple sauce that can be prepared within 20 minutes and all you just need is egg and tomatoes to make this delicious breakfast meal happen.

2. Oatmeal and Raisins

Oatmeal is another food you should consider when thinking of healthy and easy breakfast ideas for kids. This convenient dish is super-fast to make and contains just enough protein to help your child grow well. Besides that, you can also add butter, milk and other mixes to make it creamy delicious. For growing kids, raisins are the perfect additives because of their chewy nature. A combination of Oatmeal and Raisins takes less than 7 minutes and is very easy to prepare.

3. Spaghetti and Bacon

If there’s any food that kids never get tired of eating is pasta. Whether it is spaghetti, noodles or macaroni, children love it. No surprise it is on the list of our easy breakfast ideas for kids. You can make this quick breakfast with bacon within minutes and have your kids thanking you for a breakfast well-done! You can try our Coconut bacon variations here 

4. Cookies and Bars

Cookies have automatic kid appeal, but they’re also super-nutritious, easy to take along, and just takes a breeze to prepare for your kid’s breakfast. Mix with tea or low-fat yoghurts or smoothies and your kiddos are ready to go.  You can enjoy the fullness of flavour that our healthy coconut cookies offer for your kids as they eat breakfast.  Healthy Coconut and Lemon Cookies

5. Nuts and Seeds

Swap crunchy junk snacks (you know the ones that are practically air) for nuts and seeds to deliver a healthful combo of fibre, protein and healthy fats. Nuts and Seeds are a safe choice and a good way to get important nutrition for your little ones, even in the rush of breakfast. You can choose to offer nuts alone or with dried fruit or a mix of other fruits. Toasted Sesame Seeds and Nut Mx ( Sesame Granola)

Some Questions You Might Be Asking:

  • Is breakfast really that important?

You might have heard the old saying that, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Although our busy minds may gloss over that fact, but doctors and educators still show that a nutritious breakfast is important, especially for your kids.
Breakfasts supplies the energy they need for a busy school day. A healthy breakfast provides your kids with crucial nutrients for proper physical and mental development. 
It can also be essential for maintaining a healthy body weight, which may protect children against future risks of obesity, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Get it now? Don’t skip breakfast, Mom!
  • How do we get our kids to eat a healthy breakfast?

Now that we know a healthy breakfast really is important, here are 6 suggestions to help us make it happen for our kids:
  1. Include these 3 major components: grains, fruit, and dairy. Focus on whole grains and low- or non-fat milk or yoghurt for the dairy.
  2. Prepare breakfast early: Saving time always helps us in serving a nutritious meal (or any meal!). One of the best techniques is preparing breakfast food early. 
  3. Involve your children: Let your kids help plan the meals–getting them involved should increase their interest in eating healthy. If your kids are old enough to help with breakfast itself, put items on the lower shelves in the refrigerator or cupboard so that they can get things without your help.
  4. Focus on your kids’ preferences: While we may want to expand their options, busy mornings are typically not the best time for these battles! Work within healthy options. For example, if they don’t like cashew nuts, just allow them to choose their favourite type of nuts and make a smoothie the night before with fruits that they like.
It will end in happy healthy eating at last.   5. Experiment: Figure out what works best for each member of your family. But as we mentioned in Tip #4 – you probably have to wait to do this on weekends or holidays, when you have more time to work through any resistance.  6. Check the availability of school breakfasts:  More and more schools are now offering a healthy breakfast program. Check if your children’s schools are one of them. And if you sign your kids up for their school’s breakfast, make sure they’re not suddenly eating two breakfasts! LOL.  
  • Can we really make a difference getting our kids to eat healthy food?

 Although healthy living starts with parents and teachers, the kids’ excitement quickly starts when we make healthy eating fun for them. And this what we care about at Green Baskit. We’re supporting you to make sure your kids also care about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Changing the routine of our kids’ diet can initially feel overwhelming, especially with our already overpacked schedules, you’ll be surprised how quickly using these tips will make a real difference in kick-starting your kids’ day for the better. Try it, Mom! Are there any other healthy breakfast tips you use with your kids? Share with us!  

Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Healthy (Naija) Snacks Your Kids Will Enjoy

It can be hard sometimes convincing our kids that healthy snacking is good for them compared to the sugary junks they love all the time. From chocolate cakes to packet Sweets, changing their minds to something less ’delicious’ in the name of healthy eating seems not to really work for them (especially when your healthy option tastes like raw pills)  Yuck!  But healthy snacking shouldn’t taste boring. 
Making healthy snacks that excites and delights the kids is an art. And we know how to perform our best in sneaking some vital nutrients into your child’s diet while mesmerizing their tastebuds and fantasies. 
Because growing kids often feel hungry in-between meals, snacks can often be a big part of a child’s diet. So, most of the snacks you give him or her must be ones you feel good about.  Here is our list of kid-friendly snacks that are both healthy and delicious.

1. Dried Apple Chips

Apple chips are a convenient and healthy snack for kids. It contains fibre and important nutrients like vitamins A and C. These delicious apple chips can be used for grab-and-go snacks and stored in small containers for convenient snacking as they go to school or play with their peers. Our apple Chips also goes well with peanut butter for a delicious combo! Dried Apple Chips

2. Donkwa Energy Balls

Now, this is a healthier alternative to sugary doughnuts and buns, which are usually high in sugar, sometimes unrefined oils, and artificial sweeteners. Donkwa balls are made with nutritious whole ingredients and sweetened with dates extract to satisfy your child’s snack cravings!  Donkwa- Healthhy Nigerian Donkwa (Everything about Donkwa)

3. Dried Grapes (Raisins)

Our delicious Dried Grapes have almost all the nutrients found in fresh grapes but a smaller package. These Raisins for kids may help protect your child’s teeth from cavities by preventing bacteria from sticking to their gums.  Raisins also contain iron, a nutrient that many children don’t get enough of (which is needed to transport oxygen throughout their body). It’s a great, easy grab-and-go snack pack for kids, which are much healthier than most junk snacks. Dehydrated Grapes

4. Nut Mix (Cashew Nuts, Tigernuts, Peanuts and others)

Nuts are natural loads of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, protein and fibre, which help children grow, develop and learn. From our Marinated Cashew Nuts, Groundnut Mix, Bambara Nuts, we’ve made eating our nuts even more delicious and attractive for your kids to grab and munch for healthy eating. Roasted, Toasted Cashew Nuts

5. Dried Banana Chips

Need a delicious way to make your kids love eating bananas? If you’re wondering what to do to keep them crunching delicious healthy bananas, then you’ve found our Dried Banana chips to keep their mouth in healthy company!  This tasty, sweet snack is perfect for replacing regular fried chips and much healthier since they’re dried and still has the same nutrients as fresh bananas!  They can make a terrific lunchbox or after-school snack. Chewy Dried Banana Chips

6. Lemon, Cashew and Coconut Cookies

Well, children love cookies just as much as they love watching cartoons or playing with their peers. But some of these cookies aren’t always healthy for them and making sure your kids snack healthy cookies can be really challenging sometimes. Don’t worry anymore. Try our yummylicious Coconut, Lemon and Cashew cookies! Your kids will love it. Give them the boost. Take a bite yourself and show by example as you crunch this delicious snack. You’ll be surprised they may not wait for you to ask them to have some. Healthy Coconut and Lemon Cookies

7. Sesame Brittle

This crunchy, nutritious sesame brittle will fill their mouth with the aroma of toast bread and light cheese, with a brief splash of caramel. It’s a great snack for your kids and it’s also super high in calcium needed for strong bones and energy for your kiddos. Switch them over to healthy snacking without troubles using our Sesame Brittle Mix! Sesame Seed Brittle Snack  

Helpful Tips To Help Your Kids Switch To Healthy Eating

  • Keep off the junk snacks 

Your kids won’t crave as much chocolate, candy bars or sweets if they don’t see them around anymore. Well, you can switch things a little like serving them desserts for special occasions rather than daily treats. 
Set a good example by eating healthy snacks yourself — your kids might copy that! 
  • Revisit breakfast

Serve your kids their breakfast foods as afternoon snacks. For instance, try offering them cornflakes mixed with fruit and nuts. Or better still, microwave oatmeal with low-fat milk and mix it with unsweetened yoghurt. This helps them switch faster to a healthier eating lifestyle. And they will thank you later, mom!
  • Assign a snacking zone

Only allow snacking in certain areas in the house, such as the kitchen for example. Avoid serving snacks when they’re watching cartoons, playing games with gadgets or minding something else. You’ll save your child countless calories from mindless munching. For snacks on the go, offer them dried banana or apple chips less messy snacks. Healthy Nigerian Snacks Kids Love
  • Schedule snacking time

This will help you make sure that their snacking doesn’t interfere with a healthy meal. Keep away the snacks within two hours after the meal, so that your child is hungry enough to eat with a balanced, nutritious snack planning.
Teaching your kids how to make healthy snack choices now will help them set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating. Start today, mom!


Healthy snacks are nutrient-filled. When life allows for a little planning, grab the chance to teach your children a healthy eating lifestyle. They can have healthful snacks even at parties, on trips, and at the movies.   

Kuli Kuli: Health Benefits, Nutrition & All You Need To Know

The Legendary Kuli- Kuli Snack

If you adopt healthy eating habits, one of your goals is probably to remove sugary snacks from your diet. And if our guess is right, most people think Kuli Kuli is all sugar and therefore not healthy. Kulii kuli may be considered a poor man’s food because of how cheap they are, but it has many health benefits anyone should not ignore. It’s a healthy snack that contains so many essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Well, you’re about to discover amazing stuff about the legendary Crunchy Kuli Kuli snack. In this journey, we will explore the facts and play a little bit around the most interesting things we didn’t know about our favourite Naija snack. Welcome on board!

What Does Kuli Kuli Mean?

Simply, it just means Groundnut or Peanut Cake in English. The word “Kuli Kuli” has a Hausa meaning which is where this delicious snack first originated from. Although there may be divergent views on the exact meaning of Kuli Kuli, the most common way to explain Kuli Kuli is probably just to Cool-ly call it “groundnut/peanut cakes or cookies”. 

Origin and History of Kuli Kuli

Once again, there is always this tussle on where our favourite local snacks come from. Just like Donkwa balls, Kuli Kuli also has different home origins and delicacy, especially in neighbouring West African countries. For example, apart from Nigeria, Kuli Kuli is a very popular snack in Benin Republic, Ghana, and northern Cameroon. These countries claim ownership of origin on this snack.  But we can’t always drag matters with our African brothers on who first made Kuli Kuli. Even the most factual fingers point at the Nupe people (an ethnic native group to the Middle Belt of Nigeria -more specifically Niger State) to be the first makers of KuliKuli. No wahala sha. Kuli Kuli for Africa!

What Does Kuli Kuli Taste Like?

Crunchy! Spicy! Yummy Delicious!  Sweet taste of pure nutty treat! If you missed eating this snack at childhood, you really missed. Ever eaten chocolate cakes without those colorings? That’s the nearest taste we can describe for you. If you haven’t eaten Kuli Kuli before, you should try one now to sparkle your tastebuds!

What is Kuli Kuli made of?

It is absolutely made with peanut, but preparing it requires some special tricks though. Kuli Kuli is made from dry roasted peanuts/groundnuts, which is then ground into semi-paste, mixed with selected spices and deep-fried until it hardens.

Is Kuli Kuli Healthy For You?

When moderately eaten, Kuli Kuli is healthy for you. Naturally, it is highly proteinous and contains essential nutrients that make your body function well. Apart from the fact it is made with groundnut oil and deep-fried, you shouldn’t have to worry about heavy health implications Kuli Kuli may have on you. 

Amazing Health Facts of Kuli Kuli 

  • Rich source of protein

Proteins are important for the good functioning of our body. The main functions of protein found in Kuli Kuli are to strengthen, repair, or replace worn-out tissue. Kuli kuli are good sources of protein and, when consumed, it generally promotes good health.
  • Good sources of vitamins

Kuli kuli contains vitamins like vitamin A, E, C, B6, B12, and others.  Vitamins help your body in fighting against diseases and boosts immunity. For example, Kuli Kuli also contains an antioxidant called resveratrol which fights cancer.
  • Rich in calcium and magnesium

Kuli kuli contains calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth. This healthy Nigerian snack is also rich in magnesium. Magnesium is an essential mineral with various important functions, and interestingly too, enough magnesium intake protects against heart diseases.
  • Great for weight loss

Kuli kuli also helps in weight loss as It is also a healthy Nigerian snack for weight loss because it can keep you full and reduce appetite. The high content of protein and monounsaturated fat in kuli kuli can equally increase calorie burning, thereby helping in weight management. 
  • Good for pregnant women

Another health benefit of kuli kuli is that it is good for pregnancy.  This Northern Nigerian Peanut Cake snack has vitamin B9 or folic acid, which has many important functions and is especially useful during pregnancy; such as preventing neural tube defects in babies.  

What Can I Eat With Kuli Kuli?

You can eat Kuli Kuli just like that or serve with a mixture of garri flakes (or gari), sugar and water. Better still, you can snack delicious Kuli-kuli with koko or fura. Sometimes, kuli-kuli is crushed just before added to a salad. It can add a lot of taste and crunch in your seasoning too. But most importantly, if you’re looking for the perfect drink combo that goes with Kuli Kuli, then Smoothies are our most recommended drink! Or maybe yoghurts too (what a Healthy match!)

Where can you buy Kuli Kuli in Lagos/Nigeria?

Buy healthy Kuli Kuli (Peanut Bars) from Green Baskit. We are Nigeria’s No.1 Most Healthy Snack store online and your go-to brand if you really want to eat clean, healthy and delicious Kuli Kuli in Lagos and Nigeria generally. We sell Kuli Kuli in wholesales too. We recommend our wholesale prices for individuals hosting or organizing events and ceremonies, for offices, and finally to the real wholesalers who buy and sell Kuli Kuli in bulk. 

How can you prepare Kuli Kuli?

Here are the steps on how to prepare kuli kuli:


· 1 cup of peeled, salted and roasted groundnuts · 1 spoon of ground pepper · 1 spoon of ginger powder · Groundnut oil.


1. Roast the groundnut and ground to make a paste. 2. Add spices like salt and pepper to the paste and mix properly. 3. Remove excess oil from the paste by squeezing. 4. Mold paste into desired your shapes and fry in groundnut oil 5. Allow to cool before serving.  For more tips and tutorials on how to make Kuli Kuli, watch here>> https://youtu.be/2SbVei0PZqM   

General Questions about Kuli Kuli


How Many Kuli Kuli Are In A Pack?

There are about 35 Kuli Kuli rolls per pack, depending on the size of Kuli Kuli we made. A healthy recommended serving is 1 and half pack of Kuli Kuli, depending on the size.

How Do You Store Kuli Kuli?

To maintain the fresh taste of our Kuli Kuli rolls, make sure you store them in an airtight container and keep them in a cool, dry place. If they’re already shelled, keep them in the refrigerator or freezer.

Can I Eat Kuli Kuli Every Day?

As long as you’re not allergic to peanuts, groundnuts and anything nuts generally, you can absolutely eat Kuli Kuli every day, and at any mealtime. These Peanut Bars have dietary fat and cholesterol levels which provide profound health benefits such as the reduced risk of heart disease. Kuli Kuli gives your body ample amounts of protein as well, especially for those who love consuming light snacks. 

What Is the Right Time to Eat Kuli Kuli?

You can eat it any time of the day, but some health experts recommend the best time to eat Kuli Kuli is in the morning. Adding Kuli Kuli (or Peanut cakes) to your breakfast may help you regulate blood sugar better, which will help you maintain energy levels throughout the day. Kuli Kuli makes a great afternoon snack as well.


For reading up to this point, you deserve to treat yourself good with our crunchy, delicious and healthy Kuli Kuli rolls. Don’t just snack on whatever thing called Kuli Kuli. Sometimes, any type of Kuli Kuli isn’t always healthy for you. We have carefully processed ours to make sure it’s fresh, clean and even more delicious to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.
Place an order now to sparkle your tastebuds! 


Kuli Kuli (Nigerian Peanut Cake/ Bars)

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