Green Baskit- All You Need To know About us at the Baskit

Green Baskit: Who Are We and Why Are We Here?

Hello, curious. It’s a great question. And the answer is… We’re a Nigerian company that provides healthy snacks and treats to you and your family. We’re here because we love making healthy, delicious snacks that take you back to your childhood with a healthy dose of nostalgia. We want our snacks to remind you of the good times and make you feel as though you’re hanging out with your favorite somebody again.
We’re also here because we have a mission: to make sure that everyone has access to healthy snacks that they love, so they can enjoy life without feeling guilty about it. 
To be honest sha, we believe healthy food should be easy to find, affordable, and available in every store in Nigeria and Africa at large, so that everyone can reach their goals no matter how much they make, or where they live. Life suppose just dey simple like that. Shey?  

How We Started

The idea for Green Baskit was conceived in April 2016, when our “oga” and co-founder, George Mbam, traveled to the North to visit his parents. He visited the community market and was amazed by the number of interesting snacks, seeds, and fruits that were made and sold in this market, a lot of which were made directly from fresh healthy ingredients but are produced and sold in a very unhealthy, and dirty manner. “Why hasn’t anyone thought about refining and repackaging these snacks?”, he thought. There was an opportunity and someone definitely needed to take advantage of it. But our oga forgot that thought just like how men forget errands their wives sent them. 3 years later, in December 2019, the idea came back to him, but this time with a different question. “What if it’s your responsibility to do this? What if you’re the one expected to make this happen?” These questions led to the light bulb moments that sparked up the idea for Green Baskit as we know it today. Three (3) months later, Green Baskit moved into its present mini production facility in Isolo, Lagos, with a staffing of 7 employees, including; George, his wife, and the first five Baskiteers to grow the new brand to where it is now.  The Baskit is now blessed with 15 staff and our small motor for delivery…

What Inspired The Name ‘Green Baskit’?

You know how they say “Green” represents nature and health and fresh things in life. We seff we agree. We’ve realized the abundance of healthy organic foods in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

What does “Baskit” mean?

A baskit is a box containing a fine combination of healthy local snacks. It’s just the same thing, like a basket for carrying stuff in. But because we like to play on letters, the “baskit” is the “basket”. We still have our poetic license though, in case English scholars come after us.

What’s the Idea behind Green Baskit?

A lot of us are busy. We have jobs, families, and social lives—and we’re always on the go. So when it comes to eating, the average Nigerian has a lot of options: fast-food chains, convenience stores, or even vending machines.
Nigerians with an active lifestyle are being affected by lifestyle illnesses that are mostly caused by junk foods and drinks, which form part of our daily eating habits.

But what about snacks that are part of our culture?

We’re gradually losing our local Nigerian snacks that are part of our lifestyle and culture. At Green Baskit, we believe that our local foods/snacks are much more nutritious than those refined foreign counterparts and junk stuff. We all deserve to snack just how nature intended!
We make our snacks with fresh ingredients that are grown or harvested locally, so they’re as close to nature as possible. And because we use only high-quality ingredients, our snacks are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan friendly. 
You’ll never have the same experience again!

But we had this small challenge initially…

We knew we had a problem when our first research survey was full of blank spaces. We’d spent all this money on experts who promised us data on our target audience, but when it came time for them to actually fill out their surveys, they didn’t know where to start. They were clueless about the local snack niche, so they ended up asking questions that made no sense and only confused us more.

What we did:

But then one day we took action. Our in-house team created a strategy—and gave away free sampling snacks—to start production and give us feedback on them (starting with our neighbors at Green Baskit). The strategy pulled through and we got amazing responses and subsequent orders from them. And ever since then, the rest has been history.

What problem are we solving at Green Baskit?

The answer is simple: we’re solving the problem of eating healthy food while still being able to enjoy all the fun things in life. We’re not just trying to change your diet—Mba!! Rather, we want to change how you think about healthy snack foods, and how you approach your nutrition.
We want you to eat the foods that you love without worrying about whether they’ll make you fat or sick. 
We knew that if we could deliver healthy snacks right to your door, you could finally stick with your healthy lifestyle goals. Because we’ve been there too. 

What’s It Like To Work At Green Baskit?

It’s really fun here. Sometimes it feels like we’re doing superhero work, seff. But who knows? We might actually save the world someday. Lol. 
We are young people. We love fun, health-obsessed, collaborative, creative and respectful. And we love food! Yeah, being foodies inspired us to do this too.
Every day, we roll up our sleeves and get to work to make sure you can feel good about your decisions (or at least not feel guilty). So if you’re looking for a place where you can be yourself and learn from the best in this industry—where you will have plenty of opportunities for growth and development—then Green Baskit is for YOU! Happy workers at Green BaskitGreen Baskit workers in Lagos We make sure that everyone is taken care of at Green Baskit. We are committed to providing the best service possible in every aspect of our business: food, delivery, and customer experience. And if we have failed you in any of these ways, please tell us here!

Who we’re looking for at Green Baskit?

  • Great team players and funny people (please don’t be boring)
  • Energy and passion (especially for wellness and healthy living)
  • Willingness to learn (constantly)
  • Motivation to drive your own success and achieve personal goals
  • Computer Literate & Internet Savvy

Where we want to be in future

Five years, seven years from now, we want to be the face of healthy, delicious African snacks in Nigeria and across Africa. If obodo oyibo calls us too, we are ready!
We believe there’s no better way to explore your culture than by eating it—and that’s why we’re always looking for new ways to get you into the culture of snacking on locally made Naija treats!
We might even turn into a tech company or some hospital or anything just to provide locally-sourced solutions to your healthy eating goals and lifestyle. We’re proud of what we’ve made so far—and we look forward to where our next five years take us!

General Questions about Green Baskit

1. Where is Green Baskit located?

We’re in the mainland part of Lagos currently. Our address is Block 350, Flat 1, close to SMA Colege, Jakande Estate, Isolo, Lagos. You’re welcome to visit us at the Baskit anytime.

2. How do I get Green Baskit snacks outside Lagos?

We deliver our snacks nationwide with logistic services right to your doorstep or pick-up stations. We’re also making arrangements to bring our snacks closer to your location.Kindly order now, let’s sparkle your tastebuds! 

3. Are Green Baskit snacks healthy?

Yes. All our snacks are organic and 100% safe for your health. We source our ingredients locally and totally avoid preservatives or additives in our snacks. We season each bite of our snacks with love and conscience for your health and your loved ones too.

4. Can I use Green Baskit snacks for corporate gifts and events?

Of course, you can. Your team is the heart of your business. Nurture it with Green Baskit healthy delicious snacks! Make a bold statement for your events, souvenirs, and special celebration packages with our snacks, and we’re sure they’ll give you a hearty hug after snacking on our packs. Our baskits make wonderful gifts and come gift wrapped with a message card.

5. What should I expect in my Baskit?

Our baskits are loaded with an exciting variety of crunchy, tasty, nutritious local snacks. Our products are portable and well packaged, so you can enjoy them even when you are on the go.   Here’s what For reading up to this point, you deserve to treat yourself well with any of our healthy delicious snacks now! Try our treats and see what you’re missing all the while. And if you like our snacks as much as we enjoy making them, then help us spread the word! Send us pictures of you enjoying our snacks with some friends or co-workers. Tag and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter @greenbaskit and use the hashtag #Baskiteer.  We’ll definitely repost and appreciate the efforts!  We hope you enjoyed learning more about Green Baskit!   In the future, keep an eye out for more of our blog posts and social media pages focused on helping customers just like you find our delicious snacks.  
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