Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Healthy (Naija) Snacks Your Kids Will Enjoy

It can be hard sometimes convincing our kids that healthy snacking is good for them compared to the sugary junks they love all the time. From chocolate cakes to packet Sweets, changing their minds to something less ’delicious’ in the name of healthy eating seems not to really work for them (especially when your healthy option tastes like raw pills)  Yuck!  But healthy snacking shouldn’t taste boring. 
Making healthy snacks that excites and delights the kids is an art. And we know how to perform our best in sneaking some vital nutrients into your child’s diet while mesmerizing their tastebuds and fantasies. 
Because growing kids often feel hungry in-between meals, snacks can often be a big part of a child’s diet. So, most of the snacks you give him or her must be ones you feel good about.  Here is our list of kid-friendly snacks that are both healthy and delicious.

1. Dried Apple Chips

Apple chips are a convenient and healthy snack for kids. It contains fibre and important nutrients like vitamins A and C. These delicious apple chips can be used for grab-and-go snacks and stored in small containers for convenient snacking as they go to school or play with their peers. Our apple Chips also goes well with peanut butter for a delicious combo! Dried Apple Chips

2. Donkwa Energy Balls

Now, this is a healthier alternative to sugary doughnuts and buns, which are usually high in sugar, sometimes unrefined oils, and artificial sweeteners. Donkwa balls are made with nutritious whole ingredients and sweetened with dates extract to satisfy your child’s snack cravings!  Donkwa- Healthhy Nigerian Donkwa (Everything about Donkwa)

3. Dried Grapes (Raisins)

Our delicious Dried Grapes have almost all the nutrients found in fresh grapes but a smaller package. These Raisins for kids may help protect your child’s teeth from cavities by preventing bacteria from sticking to their gums.  Raisins also contain iron, a nutrient that many children don’t get enough of (which is needed to transport oxygen throughout their body). It’s a great, easy grab-and-go snack pack for kids, which are much healthier than most junk snacks. Dehydrated Grapes

4. Nut Mix (Cashew Nuts, Tigernuts, Peanuts and others)

Nuts are natural loads of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, protein and fibre, which help children grow, develop and learn. From our Marinated Cashew Nuts, Groundnut Mix, Bambara Nuts, we’ve made eating our nuts even more delicious and attractive for your kids to grab and munch for healthy eating. Roasted, Toasted Cashew Nuts

5. Dried Banana Chips

Need a delicious way to make your kids love eating bananas? If you’re wondering what to do to keep them crunching delicious healthy bananas, then you’ve found our Dried Banana chips to keep their mouth in healthy company!  This tasty, sweet snack is perfect for replacing regular fried chips and much healthier since they’re dried and still has the same nutrients as fresh bananas!  They can make a terrific lunchbox or after-school snack. Chewy Dried Banana Chips

6. Lemon, Cashew and Coconut Cookies

Well, children love cookies just as much as they love watching cartoons or playing with their peers. But some of these cookies aren’t always healthy for them and making sure your kids snack healthy cookies can be really challenging sometimes. Don’t worry anymore. Try our yummylicious Coconut, Lemon and Cashew cookies! Your kids will love it. Give them the boost. Take a bite yourself and show by example as you crunch this delicious snack. You’ll be surprised they may not wait for you to ask them to have some. Healthy Coconut and Lemon Cookies

7. Sesame Brittle

This crunchy, nutritious sesame brittle will fill their mouth with the aroma of toast bread and light cheese, with a brief splash of caramel. It’s a great snack for your kids and it’s also super high in calcium needed for strong bones and energy for your kiddos. Switch them over to healthy snacking without troubles using our Sesame Brittle Mix! Sesame Seed Brittle Snack  

Helpful Tips To Help Your Kids Switch To Healthy Eating

  • Keep off the junk snacks 

Your kids won’t crave as much chocolate, candy bars or sweets if they don’t see them around anymore. Well, you can switch things a little like serving them desserts for special occasions rather than daily treats. 
Set a good example by eating healthy snacks yourself — your kids might copy that! 
  • Revisit breakfast

Serve your kids their breakfast foods as afternoon snacks. For instance, try offering them cornflakes mixed with fruit and nuts. Or better still, microwave oatmeal with low-fat milk and mix it with unsweetened yoghurt. This helps them switch faster to a healthier eating lifestyle. And they will thank you later, mom!
  • Assign a snacking zone

Only allow snacking in certain areas in the house, such as the kitchen for example. Avoid serving snacks when they’re watching cartoons, playing games with gadgets or minding something else. You’ll save your child countless calories from mindless munching. For snacks on the go, offer them dried banana or apple chips less messy snacks. Healthy Nigerian Snacks Kids Love
  • Schedule snacking time

This will help you make sure that their snacking doesn’t interfere with a healthy meal. Keep away the snacks within two hours after the meal, so that your child is hungry enough to eat with a balanced, nutritious snack planning.
Teaching your kids how to make healthy snack choices now will help them set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating. Start today, mom!


Healthy snacks are nutrient-filled. When life allows for a little planning, grab the chance to teach your children a healthy eating lifestyle. They can have healthful snacks even at parties, on trips, and at the movies.   


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