Bambara Nut

Why you should add Bambara nut to your diet

The Bambara Nut (Okpa) is a wonderful superfood that many Africans love.
It is native to West African countries (Nigeria, Cameroun, and Chad).

The nuts are loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals.
They help in improving blood glucose control, boosting immune health,
improving bone health, as well as providing the body with minerals and

Health Benefits of Bambara Nuts

Bambara nuts have incredible health benefits

  1. It is good for combatting malnourishment, mostly in children. The high nutritional value in minerals, carbohydrates, and protein boosts the entire body’s development.
  2. Bambara groundnut contains protein an essential component that aids growth. The amino acid helps in the production of carnitine and aids in the digestion of fatty acids
  3. It gives energy and helps in lowering cholesterol levels.
    The vitamin and minerals contained in Bambara nuts, like calcium shield the body from arthritis, and other associated bone diseases.
  4.  Bambara nut is suitable for resolving the lack of sleep.
    The content of amino acids in these nuts supports the secretion of serotonin from the brain. It gives a calmness and promotes good sleep.
  5. Diabetes Management: Bambara nut is a good source of plant protein that helps in lowering the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
    This protein with high lysine helps to reduce cholesterol, this nut is good because of its healthy unsaturated fat.



The beautiful thing about Bambara Nut is its variety (you get to test new methods of eating it while keeping the nutrients intact).
You can eat it boiled, fried, roasted, or in a bean cake (okpa cake) (Okpa juice )
Breakfast, crunchy snacks, and desserts are all great ways to use Bambara Beans.

Recipe for Bambara Groundnut Drink

1 cup Bambara groundnut boiled
¼ beetroot
1 Apple
½ ginger root
Method of Preparation
Wash and boil the Bambara nut, and then peel off the thick skin.

Wash the beetroot and ginger and peel off their skin.

Chop the ginger, apple, and beetroot into cubs or pieces; add all ingredients into the blender. Add little water and blend very well for about 5 mins.

Serve and enjoy!

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